KESTER Bar welding
Welding In Bar Sn/Pb – 63/37 1
Welding In Bar Sn/Pb – 63/37 1
Soldadura En Barra Sn/Pb – 63/37 1


KESTER Solder in Sn63 Bar Pb37
For welding applications that require maximum reliability of welded joints, especially for surface mounted components, only a weld of the highest purity is acceptable. Kester makes no vague claim to the exceptional purity of the weld. The complete analysis of Kester Ultrapure Bar Solders demonstrates that each batch meets the strictest quality control standards in the welding industry.

Kester rod welding has an indefinite service life when stored in a dry and non-corrosive environment. The surface can lose its brightness and have an opaque gray tone. This is a surface phenomenon and is not detrimental to the functionality of the product.

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Alloy: Sn 63 Pb 37

Weight 760g

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