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POLYCARBONATE FRONTS - Fabricación De Circuitos Impresos | Microcircuitos



Facilidad para combinar estéticamente la presentación gráfica y funcionalidad de los comandos, integrando además displays y señalización luminosa.

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  • Possibility of use in aggressive environments as the tightness of this type of construction allows a long life of the contacts.

  • High reliability and duration of use.

  • Unalterable graphic, as it is printed on the back of the front material.

  • Space saving since a membrane keyboard is contained in a structure of just 1 mm thick.

    Adaptability to the most diverse requirements already, which offer different construction variants and different types of materials.

    Savings in costs, both in the keyboard itself and in the fact of integrating the entire front of a device into a single unit and, in addition, in the minimum time of assembly and connection.

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